Founded in 2010, Newelo is a Finnish mobile technology company that provides an intelligent field operations management solution. Newelo focuses on digitalization of field management process. The company’s aim is to make work as cost-efficient and profitable as possible for any company having assets and resources spread in the field – as well as making the work effortless and pleasant for those who do the actual job. All of Newelo’s services are implemented as so-called SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud services.

By working with Newelo, it is no longer necessary to go out with pen and paper and enter all details into a system at the office at a later stage. The work done becomes better organized while staff members can remain focused on their real job instead of administrative chores – and ensures no data is forgotten on lost papers.

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Ambitious plans to expand internationally

Newelo wants to conquer the world with its smart technologies. Juha Kaario, COO of Newelo: „We were aware of the opportunities for our solutions, but also of the risks that come with our plans to expand internationally. To limit these risks as much as possible, we were looking for a local sales partner. A partner that knows the local market, understands the culture and speaks the language. And that also has an extensive network of contacts in the segments relevant to us. We considered several possibilities and spoke to multiple parties. After an extensive selection procedure, Aexus appeared as the best party.“

An independent partner

„We selected Aexus, because they are a very independent partner. Aexus represents Newelo and works in a highly autonomous manner, without bothering us with unnecessary questions. Our Aexus account manager has taken on a strategic role. She has a commercial background but is also able to really grasp the technology. She understands the pain points and how these can be translated into business opportunities.”

„Our Aexus account manager identifies opportunities, initiates contact with relevant parties and plays an instrumental role throughout the commercial process.“

Entering new markets

The cooperation between Aexus and Newelo goes much further than just sales. Newelo had identified potential opportunities in electric vehicle charging and e-mobility, for example, but had not yet taken the next step by investigating the business potential in these markets in more detail. Aexus explored these markets for Newelo and established the first contacts. „The plans that had been there all along could finally be realized. Now we are in the phase where we are doing the first bids and offers.”

“We decided to focus on the German-speaking countries since there are exciting and sizable opportunities for Newelo here.”

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Inbound marketing to supplement sales

The last few years, Aexus has increasingly specialized in inbound marketing. Newelo follows this development with above-average interest. „Sales is the quick action, whereas marketing is more profound work. With inbound marketing, we establish our name online, also in the long term. Aexus is able to assist with both direct sales and inbound marketing. We are keen to start generating Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) by carrying out joint marketing activities with Aexus and extending our collaboration in that direction.”

Equal partners

Newelo and Aexus have worked together in an equal partnership, leveraging the strengths of both parties, for some time now. „Aexus is looking for the opportunities and establishes the first contacts; we are called in to answer deep-technical, detailed questions. We execute the final negotiations together. Our Aexus account manager assists us throughout the sales process. She also plays an important role in the final stages, in the negotiation phase.“