Luuk Praamstra

“One of the things that I like about my job is to work towards a common goal and simply nail it. I find that extremely motivating.”



Luuk entered Aexus with the personal goal to find out whether sales would fit his ambitions. Now, about 5 years later, we can conclude that this is indeed the case. At Aexus, Luuk manages several key accounts and also coaches a small team of sales executives and business development managers.


Helping our partners grow

Luuk: “Aexus operates in a dynamic, international environment, evolving around innovative tech and IT solutions. The team consists of energetic, ambitious, sales minded people who share the same objective: to help our partners grow. And exactly this is one of the things that I like about my job. I love to work towards a common goal and simply nail it.”


More diversity

What did you do previously? “During my study International Business & Management, I chose to do some international traineeships. I lived in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of months, attended an exchange program in Lyon, France and subsequently did my final internship at a firm in Wuxi, China. After that, I worked at a global security company for a couple of years, being responsible for several tasks from planning to actual sales. As I felt I needed more diversity in my working life, I applied at Aexus and started working as a business development manager.”

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Stay sharp and flexible

What do you like most about your function at Aexus? Luuk: “As said, diversity is one of the things that drives me. In my former function I focused on selling just one product. At Aexus, I get to work with various products and to me this is a major pro of my job. It means that we get in touch with a wide variety of innovative technologies. Also, my job forces me to stay sharp and flexible because I need to be able to work on different projects at the same time. Without this diversity, I guess I wouldn’t have sticked to a company for over 5 years..”


Successfully accomplishing business goals

“One of the most diverse roadshows I have had was one with meetings in 5 different countries. This resulted in travelling from the Netherlands to Belgium and then from Luxemburg to Sweden and Finland in just 4 days. That sure was challenging, but totally aligns with my craving for diversity and the drive to successfully accomplish my partners’ business goals.” Can you tell us what makes you proud as a professional? Luuk:

“I am very proud of my contribution to the deals we closed as a company. These successes help me grow personally and that of course contributes to being an even better sales manager.”


Work with the latest innovative startups

Finally, can you give us three reasons why people looking for a sales job should come and apply at Aexus? Luuk: “I think that would be:

• Short lines of communication
• A well balanced mix of working in the office in combination with days ‘on the road’
• The chance to work with the latest technologies and highly innovative startups & scale ups”



“These are three important points, but I’d like to highlight one more thing. If you appear to be a trustworthy person and you can handle the responsibility, Aexus offers its staff a lot of freedom. Freedom in the way we work. Freedom in the way we plan and schedule our tasks, calls and meetings. And this to me, is an extra reason why I like working at Aexus!”